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Cleaning Services

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We provide a efficient, reliable service at an affordable price

We are based in Kirstenhof - Cape Town
Area(s) of operation southern suburbs, Cape Town
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  • Carpet Cleaning (fixed & loose)
  • Persian Carpet Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning (office & dining chairs, couches, etc)
  • Mattress Cleaning
  • Pre & Post Occupation Cleaning
  • Quartz Carpet Cleaning
  • Vehicle Interior Seat Cleaning
  •  Sanitisation  and Disinfection services
Our Products & Services
Fogging Services

The Cleaning Station in partnership with COVID 19 TEREMINATORS is now offering FOGGING SERVICES in addition to our other services which include carpet, upholstery, mattress, pre & post occupation cleaning. Find information below in relation to FOGGING SERVICES Specialist COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Deep Cleaning & Sanitisation Covid19 terminators have developed a patient Coronavirus disinfectant tablet, using guidance from Public Health Department in China, to provide Coronavirus specialised sanitation services for all facilities that have either suffered from a confirmed Coronavirus case or would like to take precautionary measures. The sanitization process includes Virucidal sanitization on all surfaces, focusing on touch points, including appliances, furniture, computers, doors, floors, kitchens and toilets, etc, depending on your requirements. We perform a fogging cycle using a strong germicide and sanitizer to keep your room sterilised for up to 10 days. With the current outbreak of COVID-19, businesses, offices, schools, universities, hospitals, malls, gyms, care homes, cinemas, shops, etc are all now affected. How The Cleaning Service Works 1. Request a quote. 2. Make a booking for a date and time to suit you. 3. A fully equipped cleaner will come to your address. 4. The operator will carefully inspect, clean, disinfect your areas and provide a certificate. 5. Enjoy a refreshed, disinfected and a much healthier and safe space in which to work or relax.

R4.50 / SQM
Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning, using no water in our process, dry on completion, used immediately after cleaning, no smelly, wet carpets

Upholstery Cleaning

wet cleaning of all upholstery, couches, chairs, headboards, ottomans, etc

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