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Company Compliance Toolbox • Employee Compliance Toolbox • Internal Control Set up and Review
Our SMME Packaged Solutions Include: Employee Compliance Tool Box Includes: Employment Contracts On-Boarding Templates Staff Attendance Management Forms Recruitment Templates Disciplinary Forms Grievance Management Forms
Optimise your workforce
Optimise your workforce by choosing to assess. Objectiva offers psychological assessments that ensure recruitment, selection and development is efficient and cost-effective. Our assessments are scientific, objective and provide insight into each candidate and how they might best fit into an organisation's culture. Online Assessment Platform. Assessments measuring cognitive ability, personality, integrity, career development, workplace values. Tailor-made, client-focused and industry specific.
Manage your HR and People related tasks online.
People Management: Secure all your employee records and contracts online. Have access to them from anywhere and at anytime. Leave /Time off Management: Apply, review and approve leave from anywhere and at anytime. Timesheet Management: Easily assign and manage employee tasks. Track how much time is spent on tasks and projects. Expense Claims Management: Submit, review and approve expense claims online. Save time by integrating to different financial systems. Talent Management: Easily identify, develop and retain talent. Create and manage personal development plans, manage training and use the 9 block talent matrix to simplify succession planning. Performance Management: Manage performance in realtime using performance appraisals and 360 degree feedback. Rewards Management: Link bonuses and salary increases to employee performance and create your own unique modern rewards. Use gamification and reward points to promote employee engagement.
We understand the world of recruitment, the complexities and effort that you put into it and it is our job to give you back the gift of time. Being the best means having the best people, and getting the best people is hard work. Hard work can be made easy and simplified by applying the best recruitment technology and partnering with the best recruitment resources.
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