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Internet café business

Pilusa And Nkoane Projects

Our research is based on population, unemployment and income in the area. We believe and know that our project will help the community, in terms of getting people in the area employed and also provide the lower income segment with affordable products at good profit margins.

The population in Ga-Mapangula is at 1355 and with an unemployment rate of 44,4%. It has a 12,9% of no-income. 5,6% (R1 to R4800), 10% (R4801 to R9600) and 28,4% (R9601 to R19600). With that said, the average price of bread is as follows: White Bread: R14,00 and Brown Bread is R13,00.

We want to have a positive impact in the community and its surrounding by selling bread at the following costs, White Bread: R8,00 and Brown Bread: R7,00. This pricing is affordable for the economy in Ga-Mapangula. We want to form a medium scale Bakery in the area and not only produce for the community of Ga-Mapangula, but also in the surrounding areas, like, Newlands, Ga-Mashashane and Chebeng and so on. We plan to distribute to the General Dealers and Spaza Shops in the named areas.

Tanisa Nolita Keagan Greenhouse Technology

TNK Greenhouse Technology main focus is to contribute to the society to fight carbon emissions that is threating our earth and to educate our community about the importance of keeping our environment healthy. The enterprise was founded in 2019 and was registered in 2020 as official enterprise, as an enterprise we have discovered an opportunity in the green economy community.

The enterprise was led by continuous deforestation, air pollution, carbon emissions and unemployment that we facing as community, that led us to find solution to address the challenges mentioned by introducing our green charcoal briquettes product as way to solve environmental challenges and skills development, also create employment opportunities.     

The environmental impact can be estimated if making the assumption that briquettes are directly replacing charcoal consumption. As all the briquettes are currently made out of waste material, the greenhouse gas emission savings can be thought of in terms of the number of trees left standing as a result of replacing firewood and charcoal. It is estimated that each tone of charcoal requires 10 tones of wood.

We are a company that is looking forward to be part of the solution in combating on the issues of global warming and environmental challenges. By giving our community a alternative source of enegry from the wood or coal that they currently sourcing from local forest which is causing deforestation and air pollution that also contribute to the climate change issues we facing on earth. Our alternative source of enegry is by converting our local agricultural waste that is surrounding the communty to a green clean enegry that will protect the environment which is part of the SDGs goals on,

Goal 1. End poverty in all its forms everywhere.

Goal 3. Ensure healthy lives and promote well- being for all at ages.

Goal 7. Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all.

Goal 13. Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impact.

Goal 15. Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystem, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss.          

With our enterprise we will be creating more job opportunities and bringing up a new skills in the community, the agricultural  waste will be collected to the factory site where it will processed in the carbonisition process from there it will be taken to all the steps untill to the end packaged product where it will be a green charcoal briquettes.


Our proposed interventions are to promote the use of green charcoal briquettes in our local informal food vendors as we all know that there’s a braai stand in every corner in our communities and that also contribute to the issue of carbon emissions. We will introduce the green briquettes to household to save electricity and the green briquettes can come in handy when we experiencing power cuts.

We going to utilize our social media platforms to run campaigns to promote environment healthy issues and the importance of protecting the environment, also go to local schools to educate about green charcoal briquettes.                 



I started this business in the heart of covid 19, whereas many was forced to closed down their doors , I on the other hand planned of opening one. And my greatest lesson learned through this was that one can achieve greatness by just using your will and ability. Out of nothing with no large amounts of money out of my own kitchen I managed to accomplish a way out of financial pressure. With the help of God and the Talent and gifts He deposited in me, I started my own business. I have so much to learn still as I'm still at baby stage. But I'm planning of giving it my all and my very best. I visioning my building stand with my business name on it, and I'm working on in turning it into a reality. I see less unemployment in our community, and more positive community members wanting to achieve greater things no matter what life brings forward.


DotedLeaf (Pty) ltd

DotedLeaf (Pty) ltd also known as DotedLeaf is a parent company to sub divisions of the company. DotedLeaf as a whole deals with product and service distribution. With the structure of the company being developed in a way it is unlimited towards services or products it can distribute at a given time, DotedLeaf can easily develop these sub companies under its name. Currently these are called departments within DotedLeaf since the company is still small and all these departments submit to the Mother department which controls the whole structure of the company and new developments to be implemented. What drives the whole company is that, before any department is active, a research has to be done and tests also should be done so that we have about 95% chances of winning in the market we go for. Currently we have Solar Department which has produced a product highly in need in South Africa which is a solar geyser made from polyethylene (a solar material), which does not use electricity at all. Another department which just became active is the Internet & Web Hosting Department, it deals with everything that has to do with connecting people to the network/internet and how to stay safe while using our internet connection, included in that this department has also Web Hosting & Web Designing for individuals as well as businesses. Email Hosting and cloud Hosting is also included.

South Africa as a country is facing a problem of shortage of electricity, DotedLeaf offer consumers a solar geyser with a ZERO electricity charge. With our geyser in place and at a reasonable price we can solve the shortage of electricity in South Africa, as a geyser is one of the appliances that uses up a lot of electricity.

Another problem we have come to notice and have done our own research about, is the lack of knowledge our people are having towards the emerging world of online. As DotedLeaf we want to end that barrier and expose people to much cheaper ways of getting connected to the internet. We will do that by using our skills and techniques to create an operating system that allows people to always stay connected at a reasonable price and allow more devices to connect in a single subscription because at the end of the day staying connected in our days keeps you updated on what is going on around you.

We have potential clients all over the nation, we have two clients in KwaZulu Natal (Ulundi) who bought the Solar Geyser. We also have clients calling in with great interest to buy. We have little to none when it comes to competition because it is us and our manufacture who distribute polyethylene material so far in South Africa, we have our own unique product in the market.

Our team consist of young and enthusiastic people who are fascinated about the growth and development that help people live a better life. With the Solar Department we have made a success in the test of the solar geyser at Ulundi, in a way the first client settled her instalments just after paying 2(two) instalments and the other is paying with no worries. This means our product is ready for the market and so far, 100% of our clients are very happy about it.


Mihle Bespoke Beauty (pty) ltd

Mihle Bespoke Beauty offers a wide range of handmade beauty, bath and home products that are suitable for the whole family. 

We are a young black female owned and self taught company. We strive to ensure that our packaging is reusable, recyclable and compostable.

We handmake our products in an effort to curb the South African youth unemployment rate whilst teaching valuable handmaking skills. 

SAPF Pty Ltd (Security Associated Protection Force)

SAPF has a wealth of knowledge raning from SANDF to SAPS to British Bodyguard Association - We strive to Provide the Right Guard for the function required - On Site training is done for each site seperatly to ensure correct guards are posted - Health and Safety File and training is provided - SHE File for Site Audits are present - Each groiup will have a SHE Rep, Fire Fighter and First Aider to assist the Client with comliance. Continuous training ensures all guards are current and up-tp-date with current affairs includgin COVID Awareness and Policies and Procedure.

RAFISA Events 1

RAFISA Events is an organization that deals with Entertainment and Corporate activities in the community and it offers job opportunities during the Event times 

This campaign it is organized to improve our community into a productive way 

Rafisa Events offers employment during the Event and it host four times a year which is divided into 4 seasons 

Rafisa Events is planned with publicly in mind and it seek media sponsorship.which is easy for the media to cover the event and brainstorm story ideas



Syncgronacity offers electronic sales and repairs to individuals and Business alike in the

Gauteng market. The business has a strong market position and a coherent strategy. It has

established clear steps to achieve its objective of to be a leader in Consumer Electronic

Distributions in South Africa. Increasing in sales by over 200k clients per annum in the next

five years. Syncgronacity has set targets that they are committed about achieving. Next year

the business will achieve sales of R500000. Sales will grow by 20 percent each year to reach

the figure of R1036800 at the end of the period. By the final year of this plan the business will

be achieving a net profit of R526914. This will represent a good return and provide sufficient

retained earnings for future development plans.

Explicit Sensation(Pty)Ltd

Explicit Sensation founded in 07 April 2016 by Mr. Abraham Legodi and Mrs. Motshabi Legodi. We render service for catering, event planning also provide services for cooperate and private entities, regardless of any sector. The desire for complete true freedom has led me to do catering with the love for cooking and experiencing new recipes. We're satisfaction driven and development focused, we strive for growth and cater to client's needs in all aspects of food. We have credentials from FEDHASA and TSHWANE MUNICIPALITY that gives us full authority to our catering services for Hospitality and Hygiene.

The main issue is the catering companies nowadays are more focused on western cuisines rather than traditional ones, there're several caterers that offer services that are quite similar to each other in terms of price and menu options. With how the current population ages we're seeing increasing cultural diversity from different races. In the past clients would not welcome new traditional items, it is just that people have incorrectly made the assumption that traditional are boring, recently clients have realized they really like traditional food whether they want to honor the backgrounds and tastes of clients. Diverse foods can improve an event culture by making it more inclusive and by helping other people learn about different culture. Our services will exceed the expectations of our clients.

We pride ourselves in the satisfaction we bring to all clients, we exist to attract and maintain clients, we make it our mission to become the recognized leader in its target market for providing its catering signature, by sustaining economic growth and we proud in preparing great quality food and provide an excellent service fast and delivery warranty at a great value.

Our mission is to keep excelling everyday, providing the best and customized services to our clients continuously providing best in class services ensuring that we have the most number of satisfied clients.

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