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Xigombe Farming (PTY) LTD

Xigombe Farming (PTY) LTD is a farm focused on both eggs and meat production that provides for large marketing range. It produces manure as a by-product.

Immediate service delivery Pty ltd 1

Immediate service delivery is a company which its aim is to help government in the tenders having an intension to supply the government the correct product or service they are looking for in the correct market related price.

The company bring change in the government department by giving them the market related price it means they can afford to save for the country development growth of which its what I want to see my company achieving because this will lead to unemployment decrease and the will be more money in circulation and if people have money my company will receive cash flow.

Kool In ice

Kool in Ice is a production, packaging, distribution ice company. The raw product is produced and packaged on site, it is then stored within refrigerated storage and kept in peak condition for distribution. Distribution is managed by the company as per request by the client. The product is then delivered to various points and storage units depending on client requirements. We supply New and old Pubs, Restaurants and Retail Stores with ice.


Leolo Holdings

Leolo Agri solves the quality problems associated with pork, customers don't know where their meat comes from, where it's processed and how its processed. They are concerned about the freshness of the meat they are buying. The feed that the animal consumes and how long till the meat gets to their plate. We at Leolo Agri have started solving that problem because consumers can purchase animals that they see and if they buy meat they know that the animals are slaughtered nearby them and they can come and collect their products fresh. We also offer skills delivery to the youth through learnerships and the institutions of higher learning bring their students in for practicals. We have already given two skills delivery learnerships in 2018 and 2019,we have upscale our production from a 5 sow unit to a 20 sow unit within a year, we are still to archive more in the cominfmg years of going to a 50 unit, 100 unit and ultimately a 1000 sow unit. We have also help a learner graduate at college by offering him experiential learning which he got a distinction in his presentation and now holds a diploma in animal production. 

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